Biparietal osteodystrophy


  • An 80 years old lady
  • Alleged fall at home during walking
  • Witnessed by daughter in-law
  • After fall noted bleeding wound from left eyebrow
  • No vomiting, no headache, no ear bleed, no blurred vision
  • Clinical examination shows GCS 15/15, laceration at left eye brow with no active bleeding. No neurological deficit
  • Vital signs are stable

CT findings:

  • There is no hyperdense area to suggest acute intracranial haemorrhage.
  • Generalised cerebral atrophy seen.
  • No midline shift or mass effect. Basal cisterns are not effaced.
  • There is no obvious skull vault fracture.
  • Thinning of both parietal bones are seen and more prominent on the left side. This thinned bone showed no irregularity or obvious marrow changes. No soft tissue swelling overlying it.
  • Scalp hematoma seen in the left frontal region measuring 1.2 cm in maximum thickness.

Diagnosis: Biparietal osteodystrophy with scalp hematoma

Discussion (Biparietal osteodystrophy)

  • Biparietal osteodystrophy is bilateral thinning of the parietal bones
  • It is an uncommon entity, slowly progressive acquired disease
  • Exact aetiology is unknown but  described as age-related bone changes in middle-aged people with slight female predilection.
  • It is typically an incidental finding.
Author: radhianahassan