Quiz 9

Image 1:


  1. Name the examination
  2. Name each phase A-D and when imaging is done.
  3. Give three indication for this procedure.
  4. Name the labelled structures


  1. CT urography
  2. Phases of CTU: A: precontrast, done prior to injection of contrast, B: corticomedullary phase, done 30-70 seconds after contrast injection, C: nephrographic phase, 90-180 seconds after contrast injection and D: excretory phase, 5-15 minutes after contrast injection.
  3. Indications for CTU include urinary calculus disease, suspected urothelial tumours and congenital anomalies of kidneys and ureters.
  4. The labelled structures: 1=right gerota fascia, 2= right zuckerkandl fascia, 3=right renal artery, 4=right renal pelvis and 5= left renal calyx
Author: radhianahassan