Quiz 23



  1. Name the examination.
  2. Name the line ‘red’ and ‘yellow’
  3. Name the labelled structures.


  1. Radiograph of pelvis in AP view
  2. Red line: iliopectineal or iliopubic line and yellow line: ilioischial line
  3. The labelled structures:
    1. iliac crest
    2. Anterior superior iliac spine
    3. Right sacro-iliac joint
    4. Left sacral foramen
    5. Greater trochanter of right femur
    6. Right ischial spine
    7. Right superior pubic ramus
    8. Body of pubis
    9. Left obturator foramen
    10. Fovea of left femur
    11. Symphysis pubis
    12. Left inferior pubic ramus
    13. Lesser trochanter of left femur
Author: radhianahassan