Popcorn calcification of breast

Case contribution: Dr Radhiana Hassan


  • A 60 years old lady
  • No known medical illness
  • Chest radiograph performed for preoperative assessment of another condition
Chest radiograph PA view

X-ray findings:

  • There is a lobulated calcified lesion seen at right lower zone (yellow arrow). Central lucency is seen within this lesion.
  • The right lower zone of the lung around the lesion appears unremarkable.
  • No pleural effusion. No evidence of adjacent pleural thickening is seen.
  • The adjacent ribs are also preserved.
  • The rest of the visualised lung appears normal.
  • No hilar or mediastinal mass.
Bilateral mammogram in MLO view
Bilateral mammogram in CC view

Mammogram findings:

  • Both breasts are almost entirely fatty (BIRADS composition A).
  • There are few lesions with coarse calcifications are seen in the right breast.
  • The largest is seen at upper mid-quadrant, with a popcorn-like calcifications.
  • Similarly in the left breast, there is a low density lesion with coarse calcification seen at upper mid-quadrant.
  • No suspicious cluster of microcalcifications.
  • No skin thickening or nipple retraction.
  • Small right axillary node is seen

Ultrasound findings:

  • There are multiple lesions in both breasts
  • Some shows intraleisonal calcificaiton as noted on mammogram
  • Some are without calcificaitons
  • No suspicious feature of these lesions
  • No significant axillary lymphadenopathy.

Diagnosis: Benign lesions in both breasts -involuting fibroadenomas (presumptive diagnosis).

Discussion: Popcorn calcification

  • Calcifications that are benign at mammography are typically larger, coarser, round with smooth margins and more easily seen than malignant calcifications.
  • Popcorn calcifications are classic, large, >2-3 mm in greatest dimension
  • It is produced by involuting fibroadenomas
  • It can be seen in stages, initially as peripheral calcification, later it appears confluent and later become almost completely calcified.
Author: radhianahassan