Quiz 8

Image 1:


  1. Name the labelled structures.
  2. What causes non-visualization or poor outline of “D”?


The labelled structures

  • A: right 12th rib
  • B: fecal material/air in the ascending colon
  • C: right psoas outline
  • D: right properitoneal fat pad
  • E: right sacro-iliac joint
  • F: Air in transverse colon
  • G: Left renal shadow
  • H: Left pedicle of third lumbar vertebra
  • I: Left sacral foramina
  • J: Left obturator internus

Properitoneal fat pad

  • is absent in 18% of normal radiographs
  • poor outline with adjacent oedema or presence of ascites


Author: radhianahassan