Quiz 29 Head and Neck



  1. Name the examination.
  2. Name the labelled cisterns and its content.


  1. CT brain non-contrast, axial plane soft tissue window
  2. The labelled cisterns:
    1. Cisterna magna: Vertebral artery and its posterior inferior cerebellar arteries
    2. Suprasellar cistern: Optic nerve, anterior part of circle of willis.
    3. Interpeduncular cistern: Posterior part of the circle of willis
    4. Ambient cistern: Posterior cerebral artery and the basal veins
    5. Quadrigerminal cistern: Venous confluence of the straight and inferior sagittal sinus forming vein of Galen, joined by internal cerebral and the basal vein on each sides
Author: radhianahassan