Quiz 14

Image 1:


  1. Name the examination.
  2. Give the centering point for this examination.
  3. Name the tendon inserted to ‘G’.
  4. Describe anterior humeral line and its significance.
  5. Name the labelled structures.


  1. Radiograph of right elbow in lateral view.
  2. Centering point is mid elbow joint or 4 cm medial to posterior surface of olecranon process.
  3. Biceps brachii tendon.
  4. Anterior humeral line is a line drawn along the anterior surface of humerus (refer to Image 2-normal). This line should intersect the middle third of the capitellum. It is used in paediatric elbow radiograph to exclude subtle supracondylar fracture.
  5. The labelled structures:
    1. Humerus
    2. Capitulum of humerus
    3. Olecranon of ulna
    4. Trochlear notch of ulna
    5. Coronoid process of ulna
    6. Radial head
    7. Radial tuberosity
    8. Ulna


Author: radhianahassan