Quiz 16



  1. Name the examination.
  2. Name the centering point for this examination.
  3. Name the tendon attached to ‘F’.
  4. Name the labelled structures.


  1. Radiograph of left foot in dorsoplantar oblique view.
  2. Centering point is midportion of third metatarsal.
  3. Peroneus brevis tendon
  4. The labelled structures:
    1. Distal phalanx of third toe
    2. Middle phalanx of fourth toe
    3. Head of fourth metatarsal
    4. Sesamoid bone
    5. Base of fourth metatarsal
    6. Styloid process/tuberosity of fifth metatarsal
    7. Intermediate/middle cuneiform
    8. Navicular
    9. Talus
Author: radhianahassan