Quiz 25 Head and Neck



  1. Name the examination.
  2. Name the structured marked with red arrows and list its content.
  3. Name the labelled structures.


  1. Orthopantomogram.
  2. Left mandibular canal containing inferior alveolar nerve (IAN), sympathetic autonomous nerve fibers, the inferior alveolar artery, inferior alveolar vein, and lymphatic vessels.
  3. The labelled structures:
    1. Right condylar process of mandible
    2. Right coronoid process of mandible
    3. Right maxillary sinus
    4. Hard palate
    5. Anterior nasal spine
    6. Left condylar notch
    7. Left temporomandibular joint
    8. Upper incisor
    9. Lamina dura
    10. Hyoid bone
Author: radhianahassan