Quiz 26 Neck



  1. Name the examination.
  2. Describe the optimal patient’s positioning for this study.
  3. State the transducer used and its frequency.
  4. Briefly describe the blood supply to the organ examined in this study.
  5. Name the labelled structures.


  1. Ultrasound of the thyroid gland in axial plane.
  2. Patient lies supine with patient’s neck mildly hyperextended and the head turned slightly away from the side of interest.
  3. Linear transducer high frequency > 7.5 MHz
  4. The superior thyroid artery, a branch of external carotid artery supplies the upper pole of thyroid. The inferior thyroid artery, arises from thyrocervical trunk which is a branch of subclavian artery supplies the inferior pole. The thyroidea ima is variable.
  5. The labelled structures:
    1. Right Internal jugular vein
    2. Right common carotid artery
    3. Right sternocleidomastoid muscle
    4. Right thyroid lobe
    5. Isthmus
Author: radhianahassan