Quiz 2



  1. Name the examination.
  2. Name the labelled structures.
  3. Describe normal appearance expected in this view


  1. Lateral scapular projection (plain radiograph)
  2. The labelled structures
    1. Coracoid process
    2. Clavicle
    3. Acromion
    4. Glenoid fossa
    5. Humeral head
    6. Humerus
    7. Lateral border of scapula
  3. Normal appearance (refer to image below):
    • The acromion and coracoid form the limbs of a “Y” or “peace sign” with the body of the scapula.
    • The head of the humerus should be normally in the centre (blue circular shape)
    • The acromion and distal end of the clavicle form a “roof” over the shoulder joint and prevent superior displacement of the humeral head



Author: radhianahassan