Pseudo-Jones fracture


  • A 32 years old lady,
  • Slipped while wearing high-heels
  • Complains of painful swelling of left foot
  • Clinically there is tenderness at lateral part of foot
Radiograph of left foot in dorsoplantar and dorsoplantar oblique views

Radiographic findings:

  • A fracture is seen at proximal fifth metatarsal (block arrows)
  • Fracture line involving the tuberosity and extending to involve articular surface (yellow arrow)
  • There is minimal displacement of fracture fragment
  • Associated soft tissue swelling is also seen

Diagnosis: Pseudo-Jones fracture


  • Pseudo-Jones fracture is also known as dancer fracture
  • It is an avulsion fracture of 5th metatarsal styloid.
  • The inter-metatarsal joint between the bases of the fourth and fifth metatarsals is a key landmark for classifying proximal fifth metatarsal fractures.
  • Tuberosity (styloid) fractures occur proximal to this joint while fractures of the metaphyseal-diaphyseal junction (Jones fractures) extend toward this joint.
  • These fractures can be treated conservatively, and heal well.
  • Operative fixation is indicated for large or very displaced fracture fragments with intra-articular extension
Author: radhianahassan