Torus fracture


  • A 10 years old girl
  • Fall on outstretched hand while playing
  • Complaint of painful swelling of left forearm
  • Initially went to traditional healer
  • Pain not resolved after 2 weeks

Radiographic findings:

  • There is linear sclerotic line at metaphysis of distal radius (yellow arrows)
  • There is buckling of cortex seen
  • There is associated angulation of the bone.
  • Callus formation is also seen anterior to it (white arrow).
  • Minimal soft tissue swelling is also seen.

Diagnosis: Torus fracture


  • Torus fracture is also known as buckle fracture
  • It is incomplete fracture of shaft of long bone that is characterised by bulging of cortex
  • This type of fracture is usually seen in children, especially aged 5-10 years, due to the elasticity of their bones.
  • It is frequently involving the distal radial metaphysis.
  • It results from trabecular compression due to an axial loading force along the long axis of the bone.
  • They are self-limiting and typically managed conservatively.
  • A manipulation may be required if the angulation is severe.
  • Sometimes a cast may be applied, but often a splint is all that is required with a period of rest and immobilisation.


Author: radhianahassan