Traumatic liver and kidney injury

Case contribution: Dr Radhiana Hassan


  • A 20 years old man
  • Involved in motor vehicle accident
  • Complaint of abdominal pain
CT scan abdomen in axial plane, soft tissue window post contrast.

CT scan findings:

  • There are multiple lacerations within the liver parenchyma (yellow arrows)
  • These lacerations are short lacerations measuring less than 10 cm in length
  • A small hematoma also seen in Segment VI (green arrow)
  • Right renal contusion seen as relatively less enhancing renal parenchyma (red arrow)
  • There is associated perinephric streakiness (white arrow)

Diagnosis: Blunt traumatic injury of liver and right renal


  • Liver is the commonest organ to be injured in blunt trauma
  • It can be seen up to 25% of severely injured patient in trauma.
  • CT has high sensitivity in detection of these injuries.
  • Renal injuries occur frequently among patients who sustain blunt abdominal trauma. However, majority are minor and can be managed conservatively.

Progress of patient:

  • Patient was managed conservatively
  • He recovered well
Author: radhianahassan