Quiz 21




  1. Name the examination.
  2. Name the sequence of the image shown.
  3. Name the branches for ‘B’
  4. Name the labelled structures.


  1. MRI CPA angle region axial plane
  2. 3D-CISS (constructive interference in steady state) sequence @ FIESTA (fast imaging employing steady state acquisition @ THRIVE @  thin axial high/heavily T2 sequence
  3. Branches for basilar artery: pontine artery, labyrinthine artery, anterior inferior cerebellar artery, superior cerebellar artery and right and left posterior cerebral arteries.
  4. The labelled structures
    1. Right CN7 (facial nerve)
    2. Basilar artery
    3. Left cochlear
    4. Left lateral semicircular canal
    5. Right CN8 (vestibulocochlear nerve)
    6. Pons
    7. Fourth ventricle
    8. Confluence of sinuses/torcular herophili/torcula 




Author: radhianahassan