Ovarian serous cystadenoma


  • A 24 years old lady
  • Presented with progressive abdominal distension
  • No constitutional symptoms
CT scout reveals large blank area at the left side of abdomen displaces the adjacent bowel (white arrows).
CT scan abdomen pelvis in axial plane soft tissue window post contrast

CT scan findings:

  • A large cystic mass arising from pelvic region measuring 10x23x34 cm.
  • No calcification, soft tissue or fat component within it
  • The bowel loops are pushed peripherally. No bowel dilatation seen.
  • The IVC is compressed but still patent
  • Urinary bladder is also compressed by the mass.
  • No hydronephrosis. No ascites

Intra-operative findings:

  • Huge left ovarian cyst
  • Left ovarian cytectomy done
  • No spillage of cyst content intraperitoneally
  • Left ovary reconstruction done

HPE findings:

  • Macroscopy: specimen labelled as ovarian cyst consists of already ruptured cyst measuring 210x120x50 mm. Cut section shows a thin-walled, uniloculated cyst. No solid area seen. The cyst wall is 1-3 mm in thickness.
  • Microscopy: sections show a benign, fibrocollagenous cyst wall lined by a single layer of cuboidal epithelium. There is no multilayering, atypia or mitoses seen.
  • Interpretation: serous cystadenoma of left ovary

Diagnosis: Ovarian serous cystadenoma

Author: radhianahassan