Recurrent breast cancer

Case contribution: Dr Radhiana Hassan


  • A 50 years lady
  • She had wide local excision for right breast carcinoma about 2 years 3 months ago
  • Surveillance mammogram after one year post operation was unremarkable
  • Currently complaint of right breast lump
  • No other symptoms
Bilateral mammogram

Mammogram findings:

  • Both breasts are dense (BIRADS C)
  • Stromal distortion in right breast in keeping with previous surgery
  • No obvious mass lesion is seen
  • No suspicious clustered microcalcification

Ultrasound findings:

  • There are two hypoechoic avascular lesions in the right breast
  • The lesions had irregular margins
  • RtUOQ is 27 x 25 x 18mm and Rt7H measures 19 x 17 x 17mm.

Diagnosis: Recurrent breast cancer (HPE proven)


  • Recurrent breast cancer refers to recurrence of malignancy within the same breast at or close to the resection bed more than two years following surgical excision.
  • The rate of local recurrence may be as high as 19% in 10 years.
  • The maximum recurrence occurs ~4-6 years post treatment.
  • Having local recurrence doesn’t mean the cancer has spread.
  • Recognized risk factors include: close or positive margins at time of resection, extensive intraductal components, inadequate adjuvant radiation therapy, multicentric or multifocal breast cancer and young age at presentation.


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Author: radhianahassan